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We are excited to announce that we will be introducing a new STEM exploratory for the students! This exploratory will rotate with computer lab and will be taught in the media center by Mrs. Owens, the media specialist.


In the STEM class, students will be introduced to the engineering and design process:


  • Ask: What is the problem?

  • Imagine: Brainstorm all the possibilities!

  • Plan: What needs to be done?

  • Create: Build or draw your solution.

  • Improve: Modify to make it better.

  • Communicate: Respect all ideas.


They will use critical thinking and creativity to solve problems. They will collaborate with their peers and share their ideas and products with their school.


Each lesson will begin with a piece of literature. After reading the story, the students will be asked to identify a problem in the story that the character faced. The engineering and design process will begin from there!


Some other STEM areas the students will be introduced to are:


  • Robotics

  • Coding

  • Food sustainability (aquaponics/hydroponics/gardening)


We are excited about this new opportunity for our students and we look forward to seeing how much they learn!

We are excited to share the news about our new STEM Exploratory!

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